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Chester Step Test Book Now. days; Medicals; Summary Chester Step Tests are a tried and testing means of gauging fitness, this is done by measuring the heart’s ability to recover from exertion. To achieve this, the test consists of stepping onto and off a 30 cm / 12 inch step at rate set by a metronome.

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Chester Step Test Carl T+ A more reliable way of gauging your fitness is to measure your hearts ability to recover from exertion.

The Chester Step Test is a sub maximal test which requires you to step onto, and off a 30 cm / 12″ step (a standard gym bench), at a rate set by a metronome disc, sufficient to elicit a heart. The Chester Step Test is a sub maximal assessment that requires a candidate to step up on to a 30 cm step in line with the Chester Step Test Software.

The pack comes complete with a chart and graph which is used to determine the level of fitness in line with each stage progressed to. Chester Step Test. The Chester Step test is a tried and tested means of gauging the fitness of an individual by measuring the heart’s ability to recover from exertion.

The test is often required by personnel who have been nominated by a company or sponsor to complete a fitness test for their job role. Description. The ‘Chester Step Test’ height ranges between to metres depending on the person being assessed – there is standardised criteria for choosing a step height based on the age and physical activity history of the person doing the test.

Chester Step Test – Version – Page 3 of 3 Predicting Aerobic Capacity Using Graphical Datasheet 1. Mark the mlsO2/kg/min values for level 1, 2, and 3 for the step height used, the oxygen cost.

Objectives: To evaluate the reliability and validity of measures taken during the Chester step test (CST) used to predict VO2max and prescribe subsequent exercise. Methods: The CST was performed twice on separate days by 7 males and 6 females aged (SD ) years.

Heart rate (HR), ratings of perceived exertion (RPE), and oxygen uptake (VO2) were measured at each stage of the by: The Chester Step Test (CST) is a submaximal, multistage aerobic capacity test. The Test requires a low step, heart rate monitor, Instructional software with stepping.

The Chester step test (CST) was designed as a submaximal, multistage test, Chester step test book heart rate and exertion levels are monitored continuously. Since the test is stopped when the subject reaches approximately 80% of maximum heart rate, estimated as minus the age of the subject (−age), and can be used with step heights of 15, 20, 25 and 30 Cited by: Chester Step Test This is used to measure a person's level of fitness to undertake certain jobs such as Emergency Response Teams or work on oil rigs or for firefighters.

It is also part of the wind turbine/ RUK renewable medical to check that operatives are fit enough to work. To book your OGUK Offshore Medical and Chester Step Test, select your location and click book now on the right of this page. On the next page please select your preferred date. Once you have booked your medical, our bookings team will contact you to arrange a convenient time between 2pm and 6pm for.

The Chester Step Test is designed to test the general fitness of a delegate and is often a pre-requisite for working in roles reuireing a basic level of physical fitness. What is covered in the medical. The medical consists of: Your maximum heart rate will be calculated (. The Chester Step test is a sub-maximal multistage stepping test of aerobic capacity, developed by Professor Kevin Sykes.

It is a variation of a stepping type fitness tests (see other step tests), and is a test commonly used in the UK. Chester Step Test: Audiometry Test: Book Your Medical Today.

For a full list of medical services, or to book your medical today please. We use the Chester Step Test to measure aerobic fitness. This is a test with a good pedigree; it was developed to put firefighters through their paces and is still used in many brigades across the UK to this day.

This aerobic fitness test must be carried out annually – and that’s on top of the basic OGUK medical carried out every two years. The Chester Step test calculator automates the process of data collection when performing the Chester Step Test.

Is a submaximal, multistage, aerobic capacity test, originally designed for use in workplace medico-fitness screening. This program requires a step test hardware and a heart rate monitor.3/5(2). De Chester Step test wordt vaak uitgevoerd bij offshore personeel.

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Inhoud Keuring Tijdens de Chester Step Test wordt het algemeen conditieniveau gemeten door herhaaldelijk op een opstap met een hoogte van 30 cm te stappen waarbij het herstel wordt gemeten na intensieve inspanning. RBFRS Chester Step Test. As part of the RBFRS recruitment process medical potential firefighters are asked to complete Chester Step Test.

Chester step test Author: Rob de Bie Created Date: 1/7/ AM File Size: KB. Chester Step Test (CST) (Sykes ) – The sub-maximal, multistage, aerobic capacity test, originally designed for use in workplace medico-fitness screening (it is currently one of the tests recommended by the UK Home Office for entry into the British Fire Service).

Designed to be used with a variety of step heights (15, 20, 25 and 30cm), it. The Chester step test is therefore appropriate for use in situations where a change in aerobic capacity is expected to be more than ml O 2 /kg/min higher or more than ml O 2 /kg/min lower than the baseline measurement.

Conclusions The Chester step test was shown to be a valid test for the estimation of aerobic capacity within this group.

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The ‘Chester Step Test’ is an awesome and powerful way to both assess a person’s current fitness levels and also a great way to improve your own personal fitness.

Many Public Sector services including the fire and rescue service now use the ‘Chester Step Test’ as a. Chester Step Tests are a tried and testing means of gauging fitness, this is done by measuring the heart’s ability to recover from exertion. To achieve this, the test consists of stepping onto and off a 30 cm / 12 inch step at rate set by a metronome.

The Chester step test—a simple yet effective tool for the prediction of aerobic capacity, Physiotherapy, 90, 4,Pages 6, Chatterjee S, Chatterjee P, Bandyopadhyay A. Validity of Queen’s College Step Test for estimation of maximum oxygen uptake in female students.

Indian J. Chester Step Test Cardiovascular fitness assesment Usually combined with a OGUK, but can be done as a stand alone test or combined with any other medical, a test of cardiovascular fitness monitoring heart rate response to increasingly strenuous stepping exercises.

The clinic offers health certification, which approves working at height, typically required by Oil and Gas UK (OGUK). The test consists of a work related ECG and a Chester Step Test. For tracking changes in cardiorespiratory fitness, the Chester Step test appears to be an appropriate tool due to its high test-retest reliability.

Discover the world's research 17+ million members. The Chester Step Test (CST) is a submaximal, multistage aerobic capacity test.

CST has been used globally for over two decades in a wide variety of workplace settings including the fire, police, prison, ambulance and military services, oil, gas and offshore wind farm industries and other scenarios where an aerobic capacity assessment is required.

Chester step test TChester is a test validated for healthy subjects, which consists of going up and down a step that is up to 30 cm in height at a pace set by a signal sound, which progressively increases in speed up to five levels. In the first minute, patients go up and down the step 15 times, and this is increased by 5 every 60 seconds.

The Harvard step test is a type of cardiac stress test for detecting and diagnosing cardiovascular is also a good measurement of fitness and a person's ability to recover after a strenuous exercise by checking the recovery rate. The more quickly the heart rate returns to its normal e: cardiac stress test.

Home Step Test. Testing and measurement are the means of collecting information upon which subsequent performance evaluations and decisions are the analysis, we need to bear in mind the factors that may influence the results. Objective.NB. For testing the over’s, the lower step heights of 6” or 8” are generally best suited.

CHESTER STEP TEST. Ensure that: There are no medical contraindications to performing the Test. The test environment is suitable. You have selected the appropriate step height. The “Rating of Perceived Exertion” chart is clearly visible for.Chester Step Test protocol and estimated METS Stage I II III IV V Step rate per minute 15 20 25 30 35 Step height (metres)* METs METs METs METs METs m step m step m step m step *Please note MET values differ significantly by step heightFile Size: KB.